Deliverance: The Game of Spiritual Warfare

Created by Lowen Games

Good & evil clash in this epic tactical combat adventure about angels, demons, and the saints caught between!

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Important video, a new scenario, & story fans rejoice!
9 days ago – Wed, Apr 03, 2024 at 01:21:54 PM

Hi everyone! I'm excited for some weird reason to share an update on April 3rd. It's just so not normal for me, since I have posted an update on the last day of every month for the last 3 years. This update is going to be interesting for you all, because we reveal critical expansion details, have a final update on Painted Minis, and more!

The first thing: Watch/listen to this video!

If you're looking for information about expansion pricing and plans, this vid is packed full of fresh new information. I've done up timestamps for you if you'd prefer to just skim! 

Timestamp links for your convenience:
00:00 - Intro + John Constantine is awesome. 
01:20 - What we're doing now & where we're at! 
02:04 - Want to playtest the expansion? 
02:34 - New Author: David Umstattd 
03:03 - The Kickstarter timeline 
05:17 - Marketing plans: Can I be your guest? 
06:37 - Teaser trailer 
07:20 - Expansion prices & plans 
09:41 - Changes in 2nd edition of Deliverance 
10:50 - 1st Edition update pack 
11:28 - Deliverance "Standard" edition & deluxe upgrade 
13:08 - Addon reprints & expansion addons 
14:55 - The physical scenario book 
15:54 - Thoughts on expansion high pledge tiers 
18:51 - Final thoughts 

The next thing: Your painted minis have shipped*

I'm happy to forward along news that Jason Gibeault of Splintered Brush Studio has packed and shipped the painted miniatures off!

*However, it's not "done done" yet! Since our painter is in Canada, we've got some sets shipping direct to Canadian backers, and others shipped to Bridge Fulfillment in the US. Canada arrives this week by Friday (estimate), and Bridge will send them out upon arrival to backers around the US as well as to the rest of the world. The scheduled arrival for these to Bridge is April 9, and they'll send 'em out to you right after (these packages are at a UPS facility in New York as I type this).

Once this has been completed, all rewards will have been delivered to backers. Woot!

The coolest thing: The new Deliverance Scenario!

You can click the image to go to the download on BoardGameGeek, or you can visit this link:

The Seraphic Spelunking scenario is a most "epic" and grand adventure. You must combat The Anomaly -- a strange and dangerous object causing earthquakes in the mortal realm.

While I originally envisioned scenarios to be a fun "non-canon" story event for all players of Deliverance, this particular scenario is canon to the story of Deliverance.

This scenario is a standalone mission, and available as a free download for all fans of Deliverance.

In case you don't yet know, we're releasing a free Scenario Pack each quarter for you guys! These scenarios blend the "one-shot" adventure of our Skirmish games with the interesting battlefield objectives and victory conditions of Campaign missions to create a memorable experience for all that play them!

And speaking of playing this scenario, we totally had an epic time at The Printed Meeple in San Antonio on the 21st of March. We had 8 games of Deliverance happening at once, absolutely dominating the whole room. It was a really great time. I don't know why I actually thought I would be able to sit and play a game -- I met a ton of fans and even made some new ones! We turned ardent skeptics into instant-buyers, saw some devastating losses, some narrow victories, and even a hopeless loss followed by a change in tactics for an incredible win on the second attempt!

Nobody was brave enough to tackle The Anomaly on Abyssal difficulty + Challenge mode... This might be the toughest mission we have released thus far! If you're going to give it a go on a higher difficulty level, let us know how it goes!! 😉

Story fans rejoice: We hired an author!

David Umstattd doesn't just have an interesting name... his latest work is interesting, too!

As a big fan of the original Doom, and a sneaking suspicion that it's always been a Christian game, I instantly bought this book when I saw the cover.

So many of you have been giving positive ratings to Deliverance on BoardGameGeek, but we're paying attention to all the fans constructive feedback, too. 

Some of you, even including super happy reviewers, felt that the Deliverance Campaign story was lacking. I have heard y'all -- I co-authored the story with my editor Ian, and I am proud of the work that we put forth. However, we're not true authors. We did the best we could with the resources we had.

Now that we have more resources, David has been hired to take our writing to the next level. He will be working on our expansion's Campaign story when the time comes, but that is not all! We have asked David to re-master the original campaign story! We are going to redevelop the original campaign book and include it in the update pack for all owners of the first edition of Deliverance (which will be available as an add-on during our next KS). Beyond this, David has agreed to work on each of our Scenario Pack storylines as well. His first work for Deliverance can be seen in the newest scenario's story.

Many of you know I run a marketing company that helps folks get products to Kickstarter/Gamefound. We just hit a few new milestones I thought I'd share!

First of all, we hit our highest-funded first-time creator mark ever in Galactic Cruise, helping the team at Kinson Key Games raise over $800K! This is really a testament to their hard work and incredible game, but I thought it was a cool personal milestone so I had to share.

Second, we helped our first podcast client launch on Kickstarter, called The Exorcist Files. I was absolutely fascinated by this one, because it's adjacent to Deliverance in dealing with the topic of spiritual warfare

I found the first season both educational and super terrifying. I appreciate that there are perspectives from both Catholic and Protestant theology present which serve to both educate and challenge each other (in addition to the crazy dramatized versions of real cases of the exorcist Father Carlos Martins and timely dad-jokes of the co-host Ryan). The reason I wanted to share this with you guys is because they do an exceptionally great job approaching the subject matter, so that regardless of your beliefs, you will find it entertaining and interesting.

As always, when I share things like this with you, I was not paid, and I think these projects are legitimately deserving of your time. My intent is to lift up creators that are making great things that glorify God and are 0% cringe, and that is what I think of both these projects.

Final thoughts...

I will hearken back to something I said during the final thoughts of my video: Will you be there for our next Kickstarter launch?

We are currently 6 months out from our expansion Kickstarter. We're working so hard to get this expansion to you in a form that reaches the high expectations created by the first game.

We did well the first go. People seemed really happy. The game was rated highly. The comment section during the KS was alive with excitement. Our various socials are still quite active.

But I am always battling against that inner monologue while trying to do this -- Is this something that is worthy of your support when the time comes? I hope so. We're putting everything we have into this next game, and doing our best to listen to what you guys want to see in it.

The only thing left is to trust in God, ask for your prayers, and hustle hard to make something amazing that is a worthy investment for our hardcore fans.

In Christ and kindest regards,

Andrew Lowen & the Deliverance Team

Easter Update (A 3-day delay 😉)
12 days ago – Sun, Mar 31, 2024 at 11:39:17 AM

Due to the Easter holiday, we are delaying our normal end-of-month update until Wednesday, April 3rd.

Christ is King!

And he will swallow up on this mountain
    the covering that is cast over all peoples,
    the veil that is spread over all nations.
   He will swallow up death forever;
and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces,
    and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth,
    for the Lord has spoken.
It will be said on that day,
    “Behold, this is our God; we have waited for him, that he might save us.
    This is the Lord; we have waited for him;
    let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.”

Isaiah 25:7-9

New Scenario Art, 2024 Convention Schedule, Expansion Map Tile Teaser, Update Pack, & More!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Feb 29, 2024 at 03:44:05 PM

Welcome to our end-of-month update for February! We have a ton of great stuff to cover, a wall of text for those that love to read, some vids, expansions teasers, our 2024 convention schedule, and more!! Read on for details...

Painted Minis Update (Ready to ship in March)

Before we get into the really good stuff, get ready to receive your painted minis in March!

Jason Gibeault of Splintered Brush Studio is placing finishing touches on the last minis of our 55 Painted Mini sets, and will be shipping to international backers direct from Canada. It might also make sense to have him ship the rest to US backers, but that's not something you'll have to worry about -- Painted Minis folks don't need to pay additional shipping for this. It's just a logistics thing we'll handle on our end. If Canadian shipping rates to the US is too dang high, Jason will ship the US backers' minis to Bridge, and Bridge will fulfill them.

Do you want a set of Painted Minis?

I have sent 10 more copies of unpainted Miniatures to Jason, which will give you guys another opportunity to get a set. The price is $600 per set. Just send an email to [email protected] to get started.

New Scenario Coming In March!

Get a load of this art, people!

Something is happening beneath Fallbrook... The rumbling of earthquakes isn't abnormal for this area, being close to the San Andreas Fault Line, but their frequency and strength as of late has the citizens concerned.

You could immediately feel the difference in these quakes, too. However, you immediately peg the true cause of the disturbances: This is not just earthly... it is demonic!

What these anomalous quakes signify is unknown to you now, but you're not about to let them go unchecked. You must delve into the earth and stop the source of the quakes before something dreadful happens!

We expect to release this scenario pack free for all backers by the time our next update goes live on March 31!

If you live near San Antonio, TX and would like to experience it live with me, join us on Thursday, March 21st from 5-10pm at The Printed Meeple for a special pre-release playthrough! 

Bring your game if you have it, or just plan to join up with someone else's game if you don't!

The full address for The Printed Meeple: 13032 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217

2024 Convention Schedule

Our 2024 is starting to heat up with conventions! We might add more to this, but here is where we're currently confirmed to be:

March 4-6: GAMA Trade Show (Louisville, KY)

March 21: The Printed Meeple (San Antonio, TX)

June 20-23: Origins Game Fair (Colombus, OH)

September 6-8: Strong Tower Con (Waukesha, WI)

If you're going to any of these, let us know! I (Andrew) would love to meet you, and if you're interested in volunteering to help in our booth and demo Deliverance or host playthroughs, let me know via email at [email protected]! Depending on how much you're able to help, we can comp your convention badges and maybe even your hotel stay! Space is limited for this of course, so only the most hardcore fans should apply 😉

In fact, if you are willing to consider hosting game playthroughs of Deliverance during any conventions this year, that would be amazing, too!

Expansion Map Tile Teaser

Yoann Boissonnet, our awesome map tile artist, is back at work on Deliverance! You might also know Yoann's work from other games like Mansions of Madness, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth, or the recent Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era by Chip Theory Games. I'm stoked to have Yoann back on board!

This underground-style map tile was one we designed, but never brought to "final," during the development of the first Deliverance map. The original idea was that we wanted a location players knew to adorn the edges of the underground tile, and the earth was to be "cut away" to reveal what interesting things were taking place in the underground areas around Fallbrook. Do you recognize this location?

Well, we're revisiting and re-mastering this concept! There is still much more to be done in the city of Fallbrook, and players are going to dive deeper into the story. We're extremely excited about the twists and turns we have planned, and some of these will be hinted at in the map. And -- what's this? There are still barriers in Fallbrook! As with the first barrier mystery, you're going to have to dig deeper to figure out why! (pun intended)

Notice the lines and some oddly shaped crude marks -- that's certainly not part of the original tile! But these are part of our plan and instruction for Yoann. We're making some significant changes to these to bring them in line with the Deliverance Mines (our underground tile in the base game). We're featuring much more of the "underground" area and worrying less about being so obvious about which surface area they align with. We're also amending their color scheme a bit so they provide some beautiful contrast to the map as you're playing. To continue with the example that players are familiar with, the underground mine tile adds another layer of depth and beauty to the game when it's used, but it needs more than a few friends, doesn't it? :)

This is the first time we've revealed our intent with the new map tiles and layouts. What do you think? What new locations would you like to see in the Deliverance map?

Returning Backer Update Pack + Rules Appendix

I have been doing a lot of work on the expansion, but we have also done a significant amount of looking back at our base game. I decided to sit behind the camera and get some of my thoughts immortalized on our YouTube Channel for you guys!

So here's the summary: We generally did a good job, but there were a few errors we plan to fix and quality of life rules improvements! We're going to fix each of these types of errors below in the future re-printing. However, we're also going to create an update pack for existing backers that want this fixed, and we're going to subsidize the cost so it's as cheap as possible for you guys. You were the first ones that believed we were something special, and that deserves not only our recognition, but our very best in supporting you with the best version of what we make.

Let's summarize a few of them in various categories for reference:

1) The only major error: Hateful Fiend's "Self-Harm" skill

This was probably the error that caused players the greatest amount of frustration. This "Move 4" text should have not been included. Some players reported all the demons were right on top of them after a round, and they cited the Hateful Fiend as one of the big offenders. Whoops! This change was accidentally made when we sent the "final adjustments" files to Longpack right before printing, which is why it looked like the editors missed it. I take the blame, but I'm sure Meddling Imps were the true root cause of my error 😆 Lesson learned: Let my editor review the final adjustment files next time!

2) Some non-errors, but still needs clarity & fixing:

Rules Question: What do I do when I draw 2 Battle Cards of the same type? This was the most common rules question our players had for us. They ended up settling this in the correct way some of the time (stage the battle, then discard the duplicate Battle card. All minions of that type act together). Then the strange stuff: Sometimes they gave this minion type double the actions, and other times they let half the minions act on the first Battle card of that type, and the other half act on the final Battle card. We're going to add an example to the rulebook to clarify this!

An Appendix added to the Rulebook to clarify nuances and edge cases. This is another rulebook fix that I didn't originally intend to add -- Our "Golden Rules" were meant to allow players to handle edge cases in game situations they didn't have complete clarity on. I didn't want the Rulebook to be a 50+ page beast, because I thought players wouldn't appreciate that very much. Well, it turns out I was half right. Some players really wanted to know the way I intended every situation to be played. And while much of those players' questions are answered via our social channels (Discord, Facebook, and BoardGameGeek especially), I know that can't possibly be everyone that has these questions. We're going to add an "Appendix A" which will be 2-6 pages of tiny text to clarify specific cards and edge cases for you rules lawyers and game night teachers!

3) Text that looks like it alters rules, but is actually just a reminder of the rules is going away.

Idle Hands is an example of a card that contains a reminder of the rules, but caused players some confusion. The last sentence is actually just reminder text, but has not been italicized. Consequently, it's a common card that players had questions about! Our solution for this card in particular is to remove that final sentence from the game.

4) Some improvements to the flow of the game & additions:

The Darkness Track: Resolve cards from left to right, and cascade remaining cards to the left-most spaces when angels cast down cards. This is a subtle adjustment, because many of our players already resolve this way and cascade (aka- shift) the cards to the left. However, this also introduces a subtle added form of randomness -- Now, those min/max players can't simply optimize their Darkness resolving like they used to. The game get a bit more difficult as a result (more on that later)

Expand rules for the soloist. Solo angels rejoice -- we are going to clarify the experience a bit! I find the best way for a solo player to try Deliverance for the first time is to play 2 angels, because that allows folks to experience more of the angels and find the characters they love twice as fast. The Intercessor, while definitely the overall best way to play solo in my view, causes the traits and advantages of a single angel to really shine. But the Intercessor isn't a great pick when you have no idea how any of these angels work, is it?

Add rules for a 5th angel. It is my belief that Deliverance can play well at 5 angels, but the historical problems prevented me from doing this upon release. We're working our way through the problems of the 5th angel, and I'm pretty confident we're going to have a 5th player rules in the next rulebook iteration! The map might be a bit larger, and we're going to need to adjust the number of Darkness card spaces available on that Darkness Track to 6, but this can work! I'm not sure if this is goign to be a base game rules adjustment or an addition in our expansion, but we're going to make this work!

Add rules for a "novice" difficulty level. Adventure was my attempt at helping new players feel like they were in danger, but giving them a lot of room to recover from a dangerous place. Well, it turns out that some new players have no idea that protecting Saints is a good idea, and wonder why they barely survive the first battle on Adventure difficulty. The boss then smashes them into oblivion since they entered that final battle with 2-4 HP each. Ouch! So we're going to introduce rules that allow angels to heal to full HP between battles in a "novice" difficulty level. That should help frustrated newbies stand more of a chance in their first few games (and consequently, give Deliverance more chances at the table).

What's next?

We're still hard at work on the Deliverance expansion. We're making a lot faster headway than we did our first go-round. We're aiming for a 1 year (or less) gap between the time players back the expansion on KS to the time players start playing on the table. That's very realistic for us now, because we have more resources to invest thanks to the game doing well.

Speaking of the game doing well, did you know Deliverance is the highest-rated "Christian" board game ever made with an 8.7 on BoardGameGeek? We also rank as the 557th ranked Thematic game, the 1417th Strategic game, and 3106th overall out of every game listed on BGG. That's pretty cool, and certainly something to celebrate for us!

Many people told me this idea was terrible, or that it would never work, or that nobody wanted it. Thank you for making YOUR voice heard, and thank every single one of you for giving us a review. We're at 534 reviews on BGG as of the time of this writing, and Deliverance wouldn't be anywhere close to these numbers if not for the gracious and excited reviews of folks like you!!

Speaking of reviews, we have new reviews online that are super positive, and several more reviews coming down the pipeline! We're just getting started. Thank you for supporting us on this journey in all the ways you guys have over these years... With your timely words of encouragement, your finances, your amazing ideas, and your prayers, too!

From the bottom of my heart (and I mean this every time I say it -- my heart is so full every time I think about how you invested in us and how much you really care), thank you.

Kindest regards,

Andrew Lowen & the Deliverance Team

Expansion Teasers, Shirts + Painted Minis Info, & More!
2 months ago – Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 01:30:07 PM

Welcome back, Insiders! I'm going to make this update a good one for all the fans of Deliverance. Let's get right into it!!

First, the stuff that's really important to some of you:

We have delivered all games and add-ons to everyone from the Kickstarter with the exception of two things:

1) T-Shirts for International Backers

T-Shirts for International Backers are in queue to be delivered! Looking back, I wonder why this took so long to make it happen... But then I remember we have an 11-week old baby. 

I blame my son, John Constantine Lowen for this delay. He won't mind 😆 We call him John Con, and wow this little dude is a chonky boi!!!

2) Painted Miniatures

Painted Miniatures are nearly completed! Here's a video update and a pic of the completed master set -- the detail and refinement on these is incredible! I can't wait to see them in person! I'll talk about delivery time below the pic:

These minis have been a long time coming! The level of detail up close is fantastic. A message from our painter:

More info on that special contest is coming next month :D If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video!

Our painted minis are delayed a bit longer than I hoped, but I'm happy to say the expected completion date is the end of February. We're going to ship all international orders direct from Canada, and will likely bulk ship the US orders down to Bridge for immediate fulfillment upon arrival.

Thanks for your work on these minis, Jason! If you don't know, our miniature painting studio started at 3 painters, and is now only the original master painter himself. 554 miniatures were individually painted by Jason. He began working on these around October (as soon as we could get him the minis in the mail). On completion, he will have completed 110+ highly detailed Deliverance angel miniatures per month. That's a lot of painting!

Expansion Teaser: Sauriel

We continue to make excellent progress on art for angels, demons, and everything in between! I'm delighted to introduce you to a brand new, never-before-seen angelic warrior featured in the Deliverance expansion:

Sauriel's visual style draws inspiration from Mexican culture, renaissance art (dat halo!), and the famous artistic depictions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

This angel differs from many of our other angelic heroes that feature elemental prowess. Sauriel features a heavy use of a brand new expansion mechanic called incense. These aretokens on the battlefield that angels may move through to heal themselves. However, Sauriel will have many other uses for incense, including powering up his abilities with boosted damage, reduced courage costs, and more.

In addition to his high-damage builds, Sauriel also leverages Prayer in new ways and will serve as an interesting support-focused angel if that's your favored play style. Sauriel is one of the first angels to gain a ranged courage-building heal skill -- Skilled Sauriel players will find many innovative ways to help allies survive impossible odds in Sauriel's skills and Angel Talents!

Expansion Campaign Timing

The Deliverance Expansion Kickstarter (or Gamefound) campaign is slated to hit late summer around July or August. Because we have managed to raise lots of revenue through an incredible run of Deliverance game sales, we're moving full-steam ahead on expansion content with a team, now! Our aim is to run the crowdfunding campaign and deliver within a year of launch, which actually puts us further ahead right now than when we funded our first Kickstarter!

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

We have a number of commonly asked questions as well as some important news that we need to get out to you, so please read these headlines to see if they apply to you:

If you're considering placing an order of Deliverance

If you're one of those that pledged $1 and couldn't complete your pledge, now is a good time to purchase on our website -- we already sold out of 99% of our addons, and have less than 400 units remaining at our warehouses around the world (including less than 50 remaining in each Australia, UK, and EU regions). If you're one of these backers and do purchase, I'm happy to credit your campaign donation to your order! First place your order, then let us know at [email protected]. We will credit you through a partial refund after we verify!

When will we restock addons?

Because we have such a limited stock of games remaining as well as the minimum order quantity of add-ons, you're going to need to wait until our next Kickstarter campaign to grab that set of metal coins, acrylic standees, or the neoprene mat (we have less than 10 Neoprene Mats remaining in the US right now).

Will you have an update pack for backers of the first campaign?

We're proud to say that our game held up very well once tens of thousands of games started getting played! That said, we did have a few errors that snuck their way through that we plan to fix. A limited number of cards and the Hateful Fiend Minion board have corrections that need to be made. In addition to that, we're going to release a "Rules Appendix" that will cover some of the rules in finer detail with visual examples (such as the placement of battle cards on the initiative track, helpful angel-specific clarifications, demon "surround / fallback" rules, and map tile placements in the final battle of skirmish mode). We will release a very inexpensive update pack for backers of the first game which includes these things -- you guys helped us bring Deliverance to life, and are the driving force behind our expansion efforts, so we considered this very important!

What's Next?

We're going to continue work on our expansion! Future private play testing opportunities are on the horizon, so if you'd like to test the new Deliverance Expansion content, be sure to join us on our Discord Community!

We also recently announced Scenarios (and released our first free scenario pack in December). These were a huge hit with Deliverance backers, and so our next scenario pack is scheduled for release in March! We're having a blast designing these, and even more fun seeing how much you all enjoy them!

Every single one of you reading this is important to me. You're important to our team, too. It's not because I want your money 9 months from now, either. It's because you're on this journey with us, and we're celebrating this really awesome thing we made together. Speaking for myself (Andrew here), I can say that one of my primary drivers to get work done in Deliverance each day is that I know you're right there with me.

Deliverance isn't just a game... It's a movement. And while I'm not yet ready to divulge the incredible places we're going with the experience, I can promise you it will be a wild ride that branches into an area that board games have never gone before. I look forward to continuing in this journey with you!

Kindest regards,

Andrew Lowen & the Deliverance Team

A Free Holiday Gift & Deliverance News
3 months ago – Sat, Dec 30, 2023 at 05:06:08 PM

We're releasing this update a day early, yaaaaay!!! 😇 We have a legitimate gift for all fans of Deliverance: Our Holiday Scenario Pack! If you haven't seen it yet, you're going to want to read this update. Plus, news on other Deliverance items inside...

Deliverance named Hidden Gem of 2023

Reviewers have Deliverance in hand and are trickling content. I think we're going to get a lot of coverage in January by all sorts of reviewers! But one particular review jumped out to me - Colin Degnan, formerly of One-Stop Co-Op Shop, and now co-host of Meet Me At The Table, revealed Deliverance as his Hidden Gem of 2023!

This was especially cool, because Colin's early prototype playthrough and review on One-Stop Co-Op Shop was responsible for a lot of buzz around Deliverance during our Kickstarter campaign. I shared his playthrough video whenever anyone wanted to see gameplay, because his positive attitude is so infectious and he had so much fun with Deliverance! If you're one of those folks that just got it for Christmas or haven't made the time to open it, I recommend to check out Colin's Campaign playthrough -- it will definitely help you get excited about opening the box and into the game!

1 Brag & 1 Controversy

I don't normally like to strut around like a peacock, but this one was pretty cool. If you missed it, Deliverance ranked as the hottest game on for 9 days in a row this month. We had tons of reviews added, tens of thousands of page views, and +10 sales per day as a result (if you haven't reviewed Deliverance on BGG, please do). In the end, we nearly doubled the number of people that know about Deliverance on BoardGameGeek! I am particularly excited about what this means for the future of Deliverance... I think we're going to make some big waves with our expansion!

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Love Deliverance Meme
JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis approve 🔥 Meme credit to Zo on Discord!

For those familiar, we eventually dropped to #3, #9, and then were gone from the list! From what I have gathered, this is because BGG mods locked the #1 hottest review on BGG as well as the #1 hottest thread on BGG about Deliverance at the same time, and that killed our ranking. For those that are wondering if it was a spiteful action, I'd rather you guys not spend time on that. It wouldn't be the first time we "suddenly" dropped off the ranking (For those that remember, during our KS campaign, we dropped from top 10 to rank 252 of 258 campaigns despite raising $2k+ per day). My recommendation is to not dwell on these things, because unless mods speak out as to why they did this, we just won't know! Making assumptions about being persecuted may or may not be correct, but I think it's the wrong thing to dwell on. What could be done about it if it were some sort of persecution, anyway? Let's look forward to what's next, rather than behind! We have a ton of fans and a ton of positive buzz, including our 8.7 rating on BGG to celebrate!

A Gift: Holiday Scenario Pack

If you're a fan of Deliverance, you're going to absolutely love this -- Earlier this month, we released our first Deliverance Scenario Pack, and announced that we plan to release FREE additional content packs on a quarterly basis for your enjoyment! This pack includes 3 missions.

A "Scenario" is a new type of mission that blends Skirmish and Campaign modes to create a unique “one-shot” gameplay event that can be replayed over and over (and at higher difficulties if you have the skill). Scenarios offer a unique scripted set-up and special victory conditions of a Campaign mission, and also infuse the leveling system and scaling difficulty levels of Skirmish mode. On top of this, we even add a Challenge option. Spoken from experience, these are incredibly entertaining and worth playing if you're a fan of this game. That said, these missions are not meant for new players -- they assume you have played the game before, and offer no learning curve (and no mercy) to new players. If you can beat any of these on Nightmare+ difficulty with the Challenge mode enabled, my hat is off to you.

deliverance 2023 holiday scenario pack
Michael festively floats over the town of Fallbrook...

 DropBox link (This link won't work long-term, but works for now):

BGG Link (This link will work long-term, but is not yet updated to v1.1 on BGG as of the time of this posting): 

Outstanding Items

Painted Minis - Our studio, Splintered Brush Studios, is set to wrap painting of our angels this next month. If time is on our side, we can get these sent out to our Angel + Archangel Investors toward the end of the month!

T-Shirts (International Backers) - We're ready to send these shirts out, but WOW the holiday shopping season was crazy. We ended up selling out of ALL our add-ons and over 600 games in December. The team at Bridge was stretched thin, and so I thought it wise to wait until January to send t-shirts to our international backers. Bridge is a good company for fulfillment, but asking them to sort through 3 shirt styles and 9 sizes when they're in crunch time would have likely resulted in more errors than normal. International backers can expect these to begin their journey this month.

Archangel Investor Sketches - All hand-drawn original sketches have been mailed out 😇

A Note About Replacement Parts

Is your Deliverance game damaged or missing parts? As long as we have stock available, we will replace any part that affects your ability to play the game.

While most add-ons are sold out, we kept a few extra copies on hand for issuing replacement parts. The most common issue is a broken or missing Acrylic Standee, a missing Talent card pack, or a missing character board. Overall, factory defects are extremely limited, which I am happy about.

If you experience any issue with missing or damage parts, we will replace it for you! We cannot provide free replacements for cosmetic imperfections or minor damage that does not affect gameplay. Please email [email protected] and we'll get you taken care of!

What's Next?

The holidays have been a blast for our family and the Deliverance team, but so unbelievably busy! Still, we each managed to find some time to relax and recover from the insanity. With the start of 2024 quickly approaching, we turn our sights back to designing the new Deliverance Expansion.

We also have a few pretty interesting surprises in store for you all down the road! Expect a lot to happen in 2024, including our next Crowdfunding campaign!

We're already hard at work on the expansion, and we have learned a LOT from running our first full Crowdfunding campaign. Much of my emphasis for our team in the next few months is related to both game design and development. These are key tasks to accomplish on the path to getting the expansion into your hands. It is my goal to have a *much* shorter delivery window for you all during our next campaign -- It is my mission to cut our delivery time in half for this upcoming event. We're going to get there through the expertise we gained from our first KS campaign as well as the expanded internal team we have!

I think we're hovering 6-8 months from our next expansion campaign -- I'm remaining flexible, because you never know! As always, I'll keep you all posted here.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Kindest regards,

Andrew Lowen & the Deliverance Team