Deliverance: The Game of Spiritual Warfare

Created by Lowen Games

Good & evil clash in this epic tactical combat adventure about angels, demons, and the saints caught between!

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Campaign Details & The Big Lieutenant Surprise!
about 1 year ago – Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 03:38:51 AM

You have waited eagerly, and I have lots of Campaign news in this update! 

I'll quickly mention -- we just revealed Add-Ons, and we're giving something more to our All In + Angel Investor Backers!

We have Add-Ons for the following:

  • Metal Coins (Included in "All In")
  • Neoprene Mat (Included in "All In")
  • Acrylic Standees (NEW + Included in "All In" & above)
  • Deliverance Shirts! (NEW + Included in Angel Investor)

Please consider adding these to your pledge or even upgrading to support Deliverance! Details in Update 7 (link here).

Now, on to the Campaign!

Here is a Campaign Mission Example! Notice anything interesting?

Click to view a larger PDF of this Campaign mission!

Introducing Lieutenants!

The low rank-and-file demons that plague you are often led by field commanders called Lieutenants. Og, King of Bashan is our first revealed Lieutenant in Deliverance, and there are many more to be found!

These demons are very dangerous and will challenge players in new ways, offering interesting puzzles or challenging battles to navigate. Their character cards are contained within the Campaign book, and they are designed with an entire scenario to complement them.

These demons do not use Prince Darkness Cards, but their character cards contain very problematic skills that are guaranteed to surprise and delight (and terrify) you! They are also influenced by Demon Talents.

These scenarios can be played as campaign missions OR 1-shot scenarios called Encounters with your game group at game night!

For everyone that was looking for new demon types, I hope this gives you more than you expected! :)

Campaign Basics

The story of Deliverance unfolds an epic story spread over a 14-mission Campaign, culminating in events contained within a special sealed box that adds additional replayable content to the game!

Each scenario will contain setup instructions that guide tile and character placement, victory conditions, special rules (if any), and an optional challenge (more on this later).

Campaign missions can be played with 1-4 players, typically take 1-2 hrs (though some... more explosive... campaigns might take less time), and scale in a number of ways, balancing for player counts and desired difficulty level.

Minions are placed according to an easy-to-follow chart here. Just place the named minion in the spaces marked by their portraits on the map tiles. The colored triangles around the portraits designate player count.

RED triangles designate placement in 1-2 player games.

GOLD triangles designate placement in 3 player games.

BLACK triangles designate placement in 4 player games.

In the above example, only Og and the Saint would be placed in a 1-2 player game, and all demons and the Saint would be placed in a 4-player game.

The words below the demon portraits are Demon Talents. Attach these Talents to the corresponding demon character cards. Normal difficulty uses all the talents, and novice difficulty excludes the Talents hilighted in red. When playing through normal difficulty and a mission is failed, you have the option to reduce the difficulty level, or you may change your angel's Talents and try again (more on this later).

Customized Character Progression!

One of the major differences between a Skirmish and the Campaign is the way your character advances in levels and equipment.

Instead of gaining experience (XP) when defeating demons, angels will gain XP and other rewards after a mission is complete that they will track on a character sheet. Use this XP to unlock talent slots for your angel. Once a Talent slot is unlocked, you may use any Talent card in that slot, provided you have unlocked that level -- This means that you'll be able to mix multiple Talents of the same levels to create brand new combos only available in the Campaign.

(Design is not final. Click for larger image!)

In addition, the way angels gain Heavenly Treasures changes in the Campaign. After certain missions, angels will be rewarded with a Heavenly Treasure card of a certain type (Gloves, Chest, Legs, Helm, or Weapon). Players will shuffle the Heavenly Treasure deck and draw cards until 3 of the given Treasure type is revealed, then choose one to equip (recording the name of the item on your Campaign Tracking Sheet). This equipment is a permanent addition to your angel, and cannot be changed for the rest of the campaign.

If you find a particular build or play style that you love during the middle of the Campaign, you can invest directly into stat points to further customize your angel on your Campaign Tracking Sheet!

Furthermore, angels also have access to Campaign-specific Bonuses at the start of the game which will surely come in handy during difficult missions!

Campaign Challenges: "New Game +"

When you finish the campaign, the game is not over for your angel. Remember those Challenges mentioned earlier? This is when they come into play!

After you invest into 14 epic missions saving the town of Fallbrook, your angel will be an ultra-powerful hero! Instead of asking you to abandon your hard work by starting over, you get to compete in challenges worthy of your epic prowess! You can replay the scenarios you just defeated with stronger and more crafty foes, new victory conditions, and more! Victory over these epic Challenges will not come easy, but after 14 missions spent customizing your angelic warrior, you'll be ready for them!

Go back and look at the scenario above for its' Challenge!

Bonus: Ant Lab Games is back with a Deliverance feature!

Click to watch Ant Lab Games' playthrough on YouTube!

Between the added value to the All-In / Angel Investor Pledges and our new Add-Ons, can we skyrocket this campaign? 

Let's keep sharing and do this together!

Add-Ons You Have Been Asking For Are Here!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 26, 2021 at 10:02:21 PM

You have waited eagerly, and I have lots of Campaign news in this update! We are revealing Add-Ons, and we're giving something more to our All In Backers for free!


You guys have been asking for them, and we've been working hard to deliver for you, including a brand new surprise offering of Acrylic Standees and 3 T-Shirt designs!

For you ALL IN backers, we are giving you the Acrylic Standees as a free addition to your pledge!

For the Angel Investors, we're adding Acrylic Standees AND a Shirt of your choice to your pledge (Limited Angel Investor pledges available).

We're doing our best to listen to you, our community, and give you what you're asking for!

If you want to add any or all of these to your pledge, just increase your pledge amount by the amount of your requested items, and you can select your rewards in the post-campaign Pledge Manager.

We Have Earned More Stretch Goals!

Let's review the stretch goals we have knocked down since last update, including our Social Stretch Goals!

Click this image to visit Deliverance on!

We're making progress! To add to this meter and unlock the remaining Prayer Cards:

1. Share this Facebook Post:

2. Retweet this:

And do not forget -- our Tabletop Simulator Challenge is still on! Beat the game on Heroic, Nightmare, or Abyssal difficulty to help us unlock 2 Demon talents! Be sure to show proof in our Discord Server to add to this meter:

Click this image to visit our Discord Server!

Tomorrow, we will share a big Campaign update! 

Stay tuned :) Our updates were SO BIG that we had to split them in half. Too much for one update lol.

What do you guys think of this news?

What Add-Ons are you getting? Does the All-In seem like a better value with some AMAZING Acrylic Standees? Which is your favorite shirt color?

BIG Social Goals (Read & gogogo!), Beautiful Terror, & Angel Hints
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 11:27:12 PM

Since our last update, we have unlocked another stretch goal and are almost about to knock down another!

This update will be a big one for Stretch Goals if you're willing to do some work to get MORE!

Here's what we unlocked since last update:

Here's what we're about to knock down:

Only $4k more to unlock this alternate art goal!!!

And here is the new stretch goal as a result of our community vote:

But That's Not All - Let's Unlock Social Stretch Goals!

I mentioned to some that we would have an announcement today, and I hope this makes you all happy! 

You guys have carried us to 1,750 backers through your passion and excitement for Deliverance, and we need to continue our sharing and spreading the word about Deliverance to keep growing through our mid-campaign!

So let's continue the push and unlock some stretch goals!

I'm giving you the opportunity to unlock TEN additional cards for Deliverance by engaging in some social activities!

Here are the details (Graphic coming soon):

Deliverance Titles: We need you to get Deliverance on Tabletop Simulator and crush the various difficulty levels! Join us on Discord, get a rules teach, and beat the game on a higher difficulty to claim your title! Overcoming Heroic difficulty earns you the title of Warden on our Discord Server. Beating Nightmare difficulty earns the title of Guardian, and for those rare few capable of claiming victory in the Abyssal difficulty, you will earn the title of Slayer! Each completion we get in this area will unlock new Demon Talent Cards!

30 Wardens, 15 Guardians, and 7 Slayers = 2 Demon Talents!

Social Shares: Share THIS PINNED POST on Facebook and retweet THIS TWEET on Twitter to help us spread the word! We will tally the combined total of these shares -- Share to your friends, groups you gather in, and retweet to the world to help us unlock new Prayer Cards!

100 shares/retweets combined = 1 Prayer Card.

200 shares/retweets combined = 1 additional Prayer Card.

300 shares/retweets combined = 2 additional Prayer Cards!

4 Possible Prayer Cards via Social Stretch Goals!

BoardGameGeek Subscribers: We need to earn more subscribers on our BoardGameGeek page! BGG is a really great community where people can ask and answer questions about gameplay, dive into game theory and strategies, and get in contact with us. We love to frequent BGG, and we'd love to jump on the Hotness list! Once we reach these benchmarks, we will unlock brand new Darkness Cards!

320 Subscribers = 1 Darkness Card.

380 Subscribers = 1 additional Darkness Card.

450 Subscribers = 2 additional Darkness Cards!!!

4 Possible Darkness Cards via Social Stretch Goals!

Social stretch goal graphic coming soon -- look for it on the campaign page in the stretch goal section!

Beautifully Terrifying - A New Deluxe Edition Stretch Goal!

Some Fallen Princes have more health than you might know what to do with...

For Deluxe Pledges only, we will be unlocking this amazing and fearsome Fallen Prince Dual Health Dial!

Look for this to be added to our stretch goals soon! Can we crush this funding section fast?

The next BIG Stretch goal to be revealed might be a bit more... *angelic*

More Secret Hints...

I know you might be sad we didn't reveal our *confirmed* 9th angel, but you didn't think we'd leave you completely hanging, did you?

We revealed his sketch art this week in an email to our Insiders...

Then we shared his skillset would be that of a Wushu Fighter...

And now, we reveal one of the iconic skills that makes this angel so unique and engaging to play!

"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going..." - John 3:8a

MORE stretch goals, community vote, Christine, and some shipping answers!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 08:39:05 PM

Hi everyone! Welcome to our 5th update, where we crushed 3 more stretch goals, passed $200,000 and are only $500 away from our next stretch goal!

Here are the stretch goals we knocked down since I last updated you, as well as what we have ahead:

And here is what is next:

We're gonna get this one today!

What is our next stretch goal? YOU decide!

We've been at the helm here for a while, but we think it's time for you to decide the next stretch goal!

Prayer Cards, Demon Talents, or Darkness Cards Next?

How do you decide? Just make your opinion known in the comments of this update! We're going to add 4 cards of whatever you choose as our $226k Stretch Goal!

We haven't done any Darkness Cards yet, and we still have more thoroughly tested Demon Talents and Prayer Cards that we want to add to the game!

What's your preference? Make it known in the comments below!

Shipping Stuff You'll Want To Know

We have had some questions regarding how we plan to handle the current state of Shipping around the world, and wanted to make an early statement on it for you all. 

The shipping conundrum is one I am very familiar with -- I have a lot of colleagues that are facing real challenges at the moment with shipping.

We are committed to delivering your games, and here are the major things we're doing to be certain of it:

1. We are going to save our funds to be sure we can deliver. We have raised well over $200,000, and our art is already paid for. These funds aren't for me to live on -- they're for the production and delivery of this game! We use accrual-basis accounting, which allows us to report income as our expenses come in, so we will not get taxed before we know what shipping actually costs. All this means that we have the ability to fulfill our promise to get your game to you!

2. We are committed to fulfilling from within each region. This will keep shipping as low as possible for each of our regions. Now, if it ends up that the numbers to ship to an area don't pencil out due to the shipping climate and small amount of backers, we would elect to air ship games and lose a bit of money (versus spend $12k on a shipping container) so that our backers don't get left with huge shipping charges if worst comes to worst.

3. We already built additional room for margin of error into our estimates. This means that we actually expected the shipping costs to rise, and we have accounted for that. We did not make our calculations with unknown figures, and we understood the current shipping climate before we put our estimated numbers together. Now, it they rise much more than anyone expected due to the Suez and Panama canals being blocked at the same time or a third World War, that is a bridge we will cross together! 

Lord please don't let that happen 😂

Angel Spotlight: Christine, Voice of Thunder

Christine is one of the angels charged with the four winds, and her gift is of Thunder and Lightning! She represents the "melee mage" archetype (think a prettier version of Gandalf... or an 18 strength warrior in cloth armor for you D&D fans).

Christine is the leader in dominating "Area of Effect" attacks, using her Lightning Stab to damage multiple foes with its' unique targeting method (did you know most Lightning emanates from the ground?). She specializes in close-quarters combat, though her skillset does allow for some clever ranged snipes, too!

Christine, Voice of Thunder
Christine's play style, lore, inspiration, and a suggested build for new players!

Other cool stuff you might find interesting...

The Chosen director Dallas Jenkins shared Deliverance, which made me fanboy out a little bit. It's the only Christian show I ever binge watched, and evidently a ton of other people feel the same way. The Chosen also happens to be the highest-funded Christian media crowdfunding project of all time! I'm stoked he considers Deliverance to be good company.

Next, some of you wondered a little bit about the creative elements behind Deliverance. The Board Game Design Lab just released a podcast episode where we discuss our decision to publish Deliverance. That might be a good listen if you fancy yourself a board game designer!

And... Do you want to win a free set of painted Angel Miniatures?

Then join us as we play a game of Deliverance this Friday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on the Love Thy Nerd Twitch Channel for your chance to have your pledge upgraded to an Angel Investor!

Join us Friday 4pm PST / 7pm EST on Twitch!

And lastly, what is that sound...?

Whisperings of a 9th angel have been heard among the chatter of our Discord Server... 

Balance Tweaks, Challenge Update, & What's Ahead!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 10:16:47 PM

Hey Insiders! 

We put together a video that gives you the essentials of this update -- let us know how you like the content variety! Andrew went live in the  Deliverance Game Insiders Facebook Group to chat, and we snagged the video and put it on YouTube for y'all! If it's not your thing, we added a TL;DR for you below :)

Join Andrew hear a quick recap of what has happened so far in the Deliverance Kickstarter, plus new details on the Challenge get the inside scoop on some balance changes to Deliverance!

Video TL;DR

  • Quick recap since launch: Wow $193k in 7 days! Can we unlock Mikko today?
  • More Stretch Goals: Added Prayer Cards and alternate art for the Darkness Board is next!
  • Tabletop Simulator Challenge: We added a title reward to our challenge! Now you can get the Warden title on our Discord server for beating Deliverance on Heroic difficulty. Join our Discord Server and find a game today!
  • Balance tweaks and patch notes: We made some positive tweaks to your favorite angels! Check them out on Steam (link here).

Stretch Goals!!!

Can we unlock Mikko TODAY?

Tabletop Simulator Challenge - New Title!

The Deliverance Tabletop Simulator Challenge is rolling and players are testing their might against the higher difficulty levels of Deliverance!

What is this challenge? Beat Deliverance on a higher difficulty level and get a special title on our Discord server! And yes, that now includes Heroic difficulty!

Here are the awesome titles you can win:

Heroic: Warden title

Nightmare: Guardian title

Abyssal: Slayer title

We have a select few players that have beaten Nightmare, but we have yet to see anyone conquer the Abyssal difficulty!

If you use Tabletop Simulator, this is a super fun way to dive deep into Deliverance with a group of hardcore fans. 

Join our Discord and find a game today!

Strategy & Tactical Tips

Deliverance isn't an easy game, is it? 😇 Many of our players learn quickly that you will have a tough time winning on any difficulty if you ignore the Saints and Darkness... 

But fear not! I have a few helpful *spoiler free* tips to help you in your conquest of the Tabletop Simulator Challenge!

Dealing With Darkness

  • You can't control the Darkness with dice rolls alone. Sometimes, the dice will fail you! But you *can* protect saints, which will reduce the amount of Darkness you face in a round. Also, casting down a face-up Darkness card is often a stronger move than a face-down card. 

Angelic Efficiency

  • You only get 2 actions per turn, so spend them wisely! Find ways to solve more than one problem in a single turn. Can you eliminate an enemy or remove a Darkness card before it activates? Can you damage multiple demons in a single action? Or maybe you can save your Courage up for a huge turn next round!

Positioning Matters!

  • Early on, you might be tempted to split up and go after different objectives. While this can sometimes work, it can also result in a lot of trouble for your team! Beware of spreading out too much -- Team up and help each other defeat demons! Also, beware of stepping too deep into the fray early, as you will find that the Demons have no qualms about working together to defeat you!

Don't Delay!

  • When you have a chance to finish a battle, take it! You may be tempted to delay and fuel up while one demon remains. While this may sometimes work in low difficulty levels, the Darkness cards are ever-encroaching! Often times, it is a better move to take a smaller bonus for unspent actions and finish a battle now than risk another round of Darkness cards!

Character Spotlight: Michael, the Archangel

Michael is the legendary angelic leader of Heaven's armies. He favors overwhelming force and strength against a single foe, wielding his awesome broadsword to fell his enemies. He is a front-line fighter that excels in melee combat!

Michael, the Archangel's Character Sheet
Michael, the Archangel's play style, lore, inspiration, and a suggested build for new players!

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Also, please share our campaign with your friends on social media! We currently have a lot of momentum and we need your help to keep it up!

Thank you for being a part of this project. See you in the comments!